All Saints’ Day is a Catholic holiday, celebrated on November 1, during which the Catholic Church honors all known and unknown saints.

The liturgical celebration begins on the evening of October 31st and ends on November 1st. It is preceded by a day in commemoration of the faithful departed.

This All Saints celebration is a way of explaining that Christians belong to a great chain of believers.

History of All Saints Day

This day is born out of the belief that there is a powerful spiritual bond between those in heaven and the living, making it a national holiday in many historically Catholic countries.

All Saints’ Day has long been celebrated in the vicinity of Easter and Pentecost. This link between these two great feasts is what gives the original meaning to all the saints, since it is lived with the hope of resurrection.

Celebration of All Saints

The tradition we have in Spain today is to visit the place where loved ones lie to visit and accompany on that day people who remember and are no longer there.

On this day, most of the sacred fields have open days, as people usually come to decorate the tombstones so that they look beautiful in their day, because one of the greatest traditions on this day is to decorate all the tombstones with flowers, light candles at night to light, pray and stay with loved ones.

The celebration of this day begins and ends with the affection, love and memory that is kept to loved ones.

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