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Apartments in Benidorm

Apartments in Benidorm are the best option if you want visit Benidorm in your holiday.

A lot advantages to choose for your holidays an apartment in Benidorm but, all the apartments are the same? Of course, no.

The location, the type of clients, the views, the type of apartment… a lot things are important to be security in our location.

Read this post and select the best opcion for your stay in Benidorm

Rent apartments in Benidorm 

Rents apartments in Benidorm is the best option for your holiday. Mild temperatures and very affordable prices can make a spectacular Holidays for much less than you think.

Waterfront Apartments in Benidorm.

Rent apartments in Benidorm is confortable and cheaper than other options. For this, rent apartments in Benidorm is one of the best options the clients choose years ago.

Rent apartments in Benidorm.

Apartments on the beach in Benidorm.

Apartments on the beach in Benidorm at great prices.

You can enjoy an apartment in a privileged place in the city, with stunning views of the sea. Not all areas are equal and the location of our apartment, is one of the most important to ensure a quality holiday factors.

Beachfront Levante
Holidays in Benidorm Levante beach walk, the best area of ​​Benidorm. It is no coincidence that thousands of tourists decide to stay and is bringing together a number of features that make it unique.

Apartments in Benidorm Waterfront, the best location in Benidorm

Renting an apartment for your holiday, certainly it has many advantages but it is important to consider some points for our stay totally satisfactory. The location is very important because it will allow us to do many more activities and also provide us great comfort as where we want to direct our holiday.

If the purpose is rest, it is important that our apartment is in a quiet and peaceful area. Or for example, if your

Apartments in levante beach
Apartments for holidays in Benidorm Altea Darsena Apartments

destination is coastal, the quality that can provide a sea view is really spectacular.

So, if we are to know the city, it is important to place ourselves in a place that is well connected with easy access to all the places we planned to visit.







Why stay in Playa de Levante?

In the sixties, this popular area was the first to grow at full speed, and this is no accident.

The buildings were built in this area was an insurance bet. From its balconies you can see the island of Benidorm and the skyline of the entire city.

This is the reason that millions of visitors and tourists have passed through this area. One of the buildings that has

Rental apartments in Benidorm
Apartments in Benidorm in Levante Beach.

seen the rapid growth, is the Tor-Maraya building.

With forty years of construction, this edicicio apartments have spectacular views, being in front of this iconic coastal zone.

The building has its main entrance on the promenade, so all the terraces of each of the apartments have spectacular sea views. But not only that, from there, you can enjoy the mountain from one side and from the other the entire coast of Benidorm, clearly appreciating the beautiful old town and the coast.

They can look more closely at the images we provide them in the section “dwelling”.


Apartments in Benidorm – offers

If you need apartments in Benidorm for your holiday stay, you are in the correct site!

Altea Darsena Apartments offer the best discounts for differents stays.

You can choose your best pack, for a weekend, 3 nights, a week, 2 weeks, a month… if you are with us more nights, more discount.

Apartments in Benidorm with amazing sea views, just on the sea front, perfect for families and couples want relax.

Apartment in Benidorm with a lot free services.

Visit our website and you can find the best offers.


Rental apartments in Benidorm

Rental apartments in Benidorm.

Rent apartments in Benidorm in your holidays. Rental apartments in Benidorm with sea views.

Apartments in Benidorm facing the sea, perfect for relaxing with nices sea views and in a perfect apartment for your holiday in Benidorm.

Rent Apartments in Levante Beach
Rental apartments in Benidorm.

Rental apartments in Benidorm, perfect for families and couples want to relax and enjoy the best area of Benidorm, in Levante Beach.

Apartments in Benidorm with private terrace facing the sea to enjoy the bests sea views in Benidorm.

Where? in the best area of Benidorm, in Avenida de Madrid, near to the old town.

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