The island of Benidorm is an islet between the eastern and western beaches, which is part of the Natural Park of Sierra Helada (Serra Gelada in Valenciano) and is the continuation of it. Many historians maintain that the island called Plumbaria (which today is the current Tabarca) was actually the island of Benidorm, but later transferred that name to the island of Tabarca then called Planesia.

The island of Benidorm is also known as the island of the journalists of Benidorm. In 1970 the then mayor of Benidorm, Jaime Barceló, together with Luicio del Álamo, who was the president of the “Spanish Association of Journalists”, signed the following act:

“On the island of Benidorm, under the sun, by the sea, and on the twenty-sixth day of May of the year of grace of nineteen hundred and seventy, the National Federation of Press Associations of Spain is solemnly declared the godmother of the island, and the common and total godfather of all the journalists of the wide Hispanic sun. And for the record at the time, and in the centuries to come, this act is signed and initialled by all those who on the said date have their feet set on the Island, in front of a Benidorm open to the world and whose mayor, here presented, attests to what has been said”.

Excursions to the Island of Benidorm: Prices

There are different excursions to the island of Benidorm and you can get there in two ways:

  • Boat
  • Jet Sky

The boat excursion which are before 1962 when the boat “breaks waves” began to take tourists to the island, but previously the locals were already taking them in small fishing boats.

Today you can go from the port of Benidorm, in the park of Elche, for the small price of 14€ to go and return in the same day, because you can not do night on the island, under prohibition. It takes just 15 minutes to reach the island of Benidorm, where you can find a beach practically for us, walk to a lighthouse or enjoy a small bar on the island itself.

You can also come to the island by jet ski from both Benidorm and Villajoyosa, which costs 125€ for two people on a single jet ski.

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