October Vacation in Levante Beach, Benidorm

Visit Benidorm in October and choose the best area in Benidorm, in Levante Beach.

The expected mini holidays of October with a fairly generous bridge. So from Thursday night, we can already enjoy a long awaited and deserved rest.

After finishing the summer holidays and overcoming the slope of September, many expect this October bridge as water in May. It is the opportunity to rest, do sport, enjoy the good weather that still resists with family, friends…


Advantages of the October Bridge

This month is one of the best months to be able to rest and disconnect for a few days and return to the routine with more strength. There are many advantages of this bridge.

  • It is an ideal month as it is a perfect parenthesis between the September slope and Christmas. A perfect moment to make a stop in the course and to be able to welcome the challenges of the first quarter of the course with more force.
  • The temperature in Benidorm is mild and pleasant practically all year round. October is therefore one of the best months for lovers of leisure and street life. An ideal temperature to visit, to take long walks and to enjoy the sun and the beach in a more pleasant and different way.
  • The prices, in spite of the fact that the weather still allows us to make plans practically typical of the summer, are much lower than in those typical months.
  • The agglomerations in the city diminish notoriously, reason why we can enjoy our plans of much more calm way.

A few days to enjoy and rest in the capital par excellence of the Costa Blanca.


Offers of apartments in the bridge of October in Benidorm

As we said in the previous paragraph, among the great advantages is the decrease in prices this month compared to the months of summer. We are talking about a decrease of 40%, a very accessible and attractive amount for sun and beach lovers.

In addition, in Altea Dársena apartments, we bet for the quality and the comfort, we offer them apartments to foot of beach with beautiful views to the sea, with a calm and familiar atmosphere. An ideal place to enjoy with your partner or family a few dream days at irresistible prices.

Do not hesitate to contact us for the great offers we launched for these days of holidays and enjoy your days in Benidorm.

A small holiday that allows us to disconnect completely and return to the routine with more strength and enthusiasm, all now at really affordable prices with Apartments Altea Dársena in Benidorm.

You know, these days are a great opportunity to spend a few days in Benidorm. And why Benidorm? Well, the city of skyscrapers is still waiting for unbeatable temperatures to continue enjoying the beach, the bars, the promenades, the water motorbike outings, the boat etc.

It’s the perfect place to spend a few days, if you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere, its city is Benidorm!

Now at half price! Call us at 667 497 166


October Vacation in Levante Beach

If Benidorm is your destination, undoubtedly the best place to enjoy the sun and the beach is in Levante Beaches.

In this place, you can enjoy the sea breeze while strolling along the promenade. The views are unbeatable, the clear sky lets you see a radiant sky, with a picture of the emblematic island of Benidorm.

If your passion is water sports, this is your beach.

In this area you can enjoy jet skis, boat rides, paragliding, scuba diving, etc.

The cable station is located on this beach, and due to the volume of visitors, you will be able to enjoy your favourite water sport with complete peace of mind.

In addition, in this emblematic beach you will find everything you are looking for: leisure, fun, tranquillity… all in one area.

The Levante beach is undoubtedly where the essence of Benidorm is collected, which is why, year after year, thousands of tourists decide to visit this place.


Unbeatable weather in Benidorm

While in many parts of Spain clouds and rains begin to form part of the landscape, in Benidorm the sun resists October.

The terraces are still open and the jackets are still in the wardrobe. The sea breeze is really nice in this month, so leisure or the practice of some sport can be a wonderful moment in your holidays.

October is an ideal month to prolong the summer holidays as much as possible, sun, beach, leisure … everything for much less! Without a doubt, it is a month to take advantage of and enjoy the best temperature and the best atmosphere of the coast.

You know, if you want to enjoy the sea breeze of a relaxing way, without haste or stress, disconnecting from routine, the perfect environment is the one provided by the Mediterranean, so take advantage of these days to make a small disconnection.


October Bridge in Benidorm with  Altea Darsena Apartments

If you have finally decided that these days of the Puente de Octubre 2018 you are going to enjoy them in Benidorm, choose your accommodation well.

That’s why we offer you Holiday Apartments on the first line with Altea Dársena Apartments.

Apartments sea views in Benidorm
Apartments in Benidorm beach with Altea Dársena


Apartments located on the first line of Levante Beach, in a unique atmosphere that will allow you to enjoy this October Bridge like never before.

Beautiful apartments with spectacular sea views, in a quiet and relaxing environment, ideal for enjoying with family or friends all the comfort on the beach.

In addition, for your total comfort, with the reservation of your apartment will have parking space, without prior notice and without additional cost.




Free parking in the same building, so that you have your vehicle quickly, comfortably and safely.


You know, if this October Bridge is looking for tranquillity and comfort on the beach, Altea Dársena Apartments is your accommodation in Benidorm.





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