One more year, with the month of October comes the celebration of the great German party, more and more successful in our country.

Years ago, this party was practically unknown, however, in recent years we are many who enjoy a few days with the most German folklore but without the need to travel.

Now, Oktoberfest sounds like a party, music, fun, Germans and a lot of beer. That’s why many know this celebration as “The Beer Party”.

Oktoberfest in Benidorm

Thus Benidorm, cosmopolitan city where there are, has joined this celebration. In addition, with more holidays than ever, will begin on October 4 and conclude next Sunday, October 20

This time there is no excuse, ten days of music and festivity in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Benidorm.

Enjoy different groups of music and a variety of German beer, all with a truly spectacular atmosphere.

In addition, Friday October 12 is a national holiday so if you come to enjoy the October Bridge in Benidorm, you can spend and enjoy the Oktoberfest in your holidays.


Bars in Benidorm

A lot of Bars in Benidorm celebrate the best German party, Oktoberfest. A lot types of beers and music in live.

The best ambience in the Bars in Benidorm.

Oktoberfest and October Bridge with Altea Dársena

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