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October Bridge 2019

At last it is coming! Many of us are very much looking forward to the desired October Bridge. Why?

Well, in addition to the obvious (one more day of rest which allows us to make a longer weekend and thus take advantage of a break and rest, do some sport that is not possible to practice in our daily environment, see friends, family, visit some destination …)

But first and foremost, for the moment in which it falls.

After the long-awaited and long summer holidays it is time to face reality and return, almost always, to the tired routine. In addition, all of a sudden: the expenses multiply with the return to school of the children and what it entails: uniforms, books, school material, payment of sports fees, private classes, gymnasium…

In conclusion, over and above returning to routine and returning to work, we have to make an extraordinary outlay. Hence, the post-holiday depression is more than understandable.

Vacation October Bridge

That’s why in this post we’re going to focus on how to cross an October Bridge or Pilar Bridge, and that’s why we’ll give you some ideas for 2018.

So today we’re talking about how to pass a perfect Pilar Bridge in Benidorm, with offers in rental apartments and stays, which you’ll love!

Enjoy the Pilar Bridge in Benidorm, perfect days to enjoy a holiday that will make you disconnect and not have to wait anxiously for the next.

After the September slope, the return to the routine: returning to work, going back to school, extracurricular classes, schedules… in short, obligations that return us to the routine where the summer holidays seem like a dream.

That’s why the Pilar Bridge is the perfect excuse to stop and enjoy a holiday that reminds us of those days of summer and rest.

The bridge begins on Fridays 12 October, Hispanidad day or the day of the Fiesta de España and culminates on Sunday 14 October. Four days to enjoy and rest and thus resume the week with more desire.

Escape from the Pilar Bridge to Benidorm

Escape for a few days to Benidorm on the Pilar Bridge. These days are the perfect excuse to take a short vacation, on a date that presents many pros to go on vacation and travel.

There are many advantages of these holidays, here we expose some of them:

Offers for the Pilar Bridge, the lowest prices

Puente del Pilar is the perfect occasion to make a family getaway and travel.

Prices are much lower. The accommodations launch offers and packs that include the same services as in high season, such as summer, but for a much lower price being half or more!puente pilar


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Pilar Bridge with good temperatures in Benidorm

Although the Puente del Pilar is in mid-October where many towns and cities are already beginning to get cold, in Benidorm we enjoy the heat and the beach. Not being of the same intensity as in the hottest months of the year, but with a temperature that allows us to continue enjoying the sun and the beach.

In addition, with fewer crowds of visitors than in summer. So it is an ideal time to be able to enjoy the city in a quieter way.

Apartments for rent

If your destination is Benidorm, enjoy the Pilar Bridge with Altea Dársena Apartments.

Enjoy a holiday apartment on the beach with the best sea views you can imagine, it will give you the feeling of being in the sea.

Apartments situated on the first line of Levante Beach. A calm and familiar building where the vacations in family are a guarantee in our apartments.

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