The skyline of Benidorm, a fishing village that is studied around the globe by the evolution of its Skyline now drawn with rascalielos. Benidorm is currently a city thanks to its international tourist level, however its rarity is extreme, as it is not an exception of cities with skyscrapers to not be a financial center.

Many adore him, others hate him, but the truth is that the figure that Benidorm draws on the horizon does not leave anyone impassive.

In 1956 the mayor of Benidorm, Pedro Zaragoza, the same one who, during the Franco regime, managed to get Bikini to be taken to Benidorm, created the General Urban Development Plan (PGOU) so that it could be built as high as desired. It was hoped that through this plan and a tourism plan it would be possible to alleviate the bad economic situation that the town was going through at that time.
The idea was that the buildings could be as high as possible, so that as many people as possible could enjoy extensive views over the sea of Benidorm. Another reason was to be able to provide accommodation for as many people as possible in the smallest possible space and as close to the sea as possible. That is why Benidorm grows along the bay and approximately 2.5 km deep inland. In other words, its intention is to be close to the sea and the beach.

However, the skyline was developed with great care. You can see how strategically the first buildings on the front lines of the beach are lower than the following ones, so that everyone could enjoy the views of the beach and the Benidorm sea.

How important was the PGOU?

The General Urban Development Plan of Benidorm meant its economic and tourist development, but it was not an easy question to achieve, in fact it was the second PGOU granted throughout the national territory, after Barcelona.

Thus and with the tourist actions such as allowing the use of the Bikini in Benidorm in Franco’s Spain, it went from being a fishing and agricultural town to a city of international tourist interest.

Benidorm The New York of Europe

Benidorm has become the second city in the world with more skyscrapers per inhabitant of the city. It has more than 30 buildings of more than 90 meters high and an overwhelming number of more than 500 that exceed 10 floors.

Within the skyline skyscrapers of Benidorm stand out:

  • Il tempo
  • The Grand Hotel Bali
  • Lugano Tower
  • Delfin Tower (next luxury properties)

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